I did my first observation in a middle school yesterday and it was…an experience. It was so high security I had to take this ridic on the spot picture that looks like a Photobooth pic. I got to witness some very disruptive students but also some adorable ones that I wanted to listen to Taylor Swift with. I love learning, ok?
I stayed for 2 classes. One regular ed class and one inclusion class! I snapped this Jam inspired picture while waiting in the Whole Foods parking lot (HK coffee mug and all ;) ) Hot bar is my success lunch every time I have a hard day/morning…I go in and fill up my plate and pretend like I have a 9-5 life with a 12 o clock lunch break. It’s fun and I like recording these small successes on this blog no one reads but my friends.
Gonna go get a bunch of tests done for student teaching and run 5 miles because there’s that half marathon around the corner I keep forgetting (not forgetting) about. Bye!