Pouty Selfie For You
Designing my first lesson plan (!!!) and I think I’m a little over my head.  It’s an introduction to poetry unit that will include poetic devices, close reading, and setting, tone, and mood. Ya know, the fun stuff.  It is so simple to think of ways I wanna love all my future students, but putting it into this silly form grad school makes you do is tedious and is taking the fun away.
I’m doing this because I am unfamiliar with this content area in my life now, so I need to brush up on this. Bad idea now. Maybe would’ve been a better idea in undergrad. EYEROLL.
Dinner in the magical forest with my favorite ones. Thanks Ed & Chandra!
Last night Ed (my coworker & close friend) and his wife had us over for dinner. We ate larp which is a Thai lettuce wrap (AMAZING) and drank lots of wine and listened to 60s R&B and loved life.  We played games and explained Tinder to them.  You can ask anyone, I’m obsessed with Ed & Chandra’s house. If you could bottle up my life goals, that house would be in it.  They have 3 porches and a hammock that hangs from one end to the other that overlooks the greenway in Greensboro. 
Today, I’m thankful for the people in this photo that have all changed my life in small ways and big. I’m thankful for my new iPhone which takes better pictures (and can actually track me now on my runs!), and for vacation that begins Saturday (technically Thursday, but projects, ya know) and ends Wednesday.  Wednesday is C & I’s 2 year wedding anniversary, WHAT? HOW?



"There are moments when you can’t believe something wonderful is happening. And there are moments when your entire consciousness is filled with knowing absolutely that something wonderful is happening."

I cry over a lot of things, but I rarely cry over books. But I just finished reading…

Kacie! I just got so far in Eleanor & Park and I love that we’re reading the same author. I’m so obsessed…late 80s love story got me staying up late. I’ll post some of my favorite quotes soon!

What I’ve been doing lately:

(here’s a hint…lots of girl hangs)

Kacie’s birthday celebration (with me) was Brews fest day! It truly is Christmas in July as is celebrating the birth of my very own earth angel. It was so hot outside, sweat dripping, and annoyance, but once we got inside, I forgot all about the heat and we danced and drank and ate hot wings, so ya know, totally successful. 

I’ve been hanging out quite a bit with Jackie, my girl. I’m so happy to have a friend down the street from me, I’m so lucky to have her and know her and love her.  Elyse came last night and we had girls night with Cruel Intentions and hibiscus vodka.  We each took turns being sleepy.  Bekah also left us this week! For 6 weeks! In Mexico! We all miss her, but knowing how happy she will be there makes it all okay.  Elyse and I spent the morning sharing pastries, gossiping, and she did the crossword while I wrote a mini paper. I already miss Kacie and Elyse, so I’m hoping to see them this week for a girls dinner along with Jamie & Jackie hopefully.

I feel like I’m missing out most days. I make jokes that I’ve spent all summer indoors, but I have.  I have spent many nights glued to a computer making lesson plans, reading so much, and typing typing.  My friends all want to travel, make plans, and I feel so stuck.  I just keep reminding myself that this time next year I will have a license and hopefully my own classroom. I’ll be able to make my girlfriends promises and finally travel greatly with my husband.  I’ll be happier. I’ll be happy. Camilo and I want to go out of the country, to Seattle, to Atlanta, to even Asheville. Gimme weekends off! Gimme summers off! Gimme a fulfilling career! I’m being impatient.

But, you know, those days where I can a dinner alone with Camilo, get to watch a few episodes of Scandal (finally finished y’all!), and get to attend an all day BEERFEST, I’m grateful for those. If you ever get a glimpse of me looking totally enamored with a moment, it’s because I cherish every single one.